Press Kit

Images and information for our users and the media.  For media inquiries, email Sally Malcolm


Flowx is a unique weather app designed for easy understanding of weather system forecasts. Our features allow users to visualize their forecast data and plan their activities around the weather.

The idea for Flowx was sparked by Duane’s own personal want for a weather app that allowed him to see weather systems evolve and move, and to start planning his activities a week in advance.

Flowx is perfect for planning any outdoor activity including outdoor adventure, flying, photography, sailing, fishing, astronomy or just your weekly events.

Use Flowx alongside a ‘current conditions’ weather app for your complete weather needs.

Founded: 2012-2017 as WeatherBomb
2017- as Flowx
Team: Duane Malcolm, developer
Sally Malcolm - marketing
Location: Auckland, New Zealand (2012-2016)
Rarotonga, Cook Islands (2016-)
Customers: 100,000+ downloads on Google Play


The Flowx logo is made up of an icon and wordmark, which can be used together or just the icon alone.

Logo for light or dark backgrounds.

Banner for light backgrounds.

Banner for dark backgrounds.


Download logos and screenshots: Press Kit (28 MB)

If you are looking for a specific image, please email Sally Malcolm.